HK House Visual Identity
Client: HK House
Deliverables: logo suite, colour palette, typographic system
Process: brand audit, concept ideation, use-case definition,
collaborative iteration, guideline development
HK House envisions the freedom and flourishing of Hong Kong culture. They are on a mission to actively support and enhance Hong Kong culture in Vancouver through cultivating a community of Hong Kong diaspora and friends. The name "HK House" signifies shelter from the storm — a place for peace, calmness, family, shared energy, and community involvement beyond politics.
The logo design for HK House is informed by the iconic verticality of Hong Kong’s urban architecture and the nostalgic neon signs in its busy streets. The core logo lockup takes on the form of a central house that speech bubbles and conversation of all sorts emanate from. From there, additional signs/bubbles may flank the core logo as needed, creating a dynamic visual system that can expand with the collective’s broad range of community endeavours. In the same vein, the base colour palette employs neutral greens that reflect HK House’s aim to create a space of relaxation, while the vibrant secondary palette remains ready for moments of celebration, activity, and play.
Core logo lockups
Colours + typography
Expanded logo treatments
Identity Applications
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